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VO membership

Virtual Organization Membership

SiGNET personal digital certificate is sufficient to authenticate a user's identity (authentication). Rights management (authorisation), e.g. for access, running jobs, reading, writing, etc., is based on the concept of Virtual Organisation (VO). A virtual organisation combines users of a particular project, group or discipline, typically from several physical organisations around the world, and assigns them access rights to specific resources and their use. Therefore, a user must use a digital certificate to log in to a specific virtual organisation, which gives them access to the resources.

Virtual Organization

In Slovenian national supercomputing network SLING, users, who do not already have a specific Virtual Organization for their own discipline or project, can use generic VO for testing or basic tasks.

Joining VO

To request membership in VO, register on home page with your personal digital certificate. This will give you access to SLING clusters. You will receive an e-mail notice when membership is granted.

The following settings should be configured for ARC client access:

mkdir -p ~/.arc/vomsdir/
cat vomsdir/

mkdir ~/.arc/vomses
cat vomses
"" "" "15001" "/C=SI/O=SiGNET/O=SLING/"""

Before job submission, a proxy should be created:

arcproxy -S

Membership in Other Organizations

Technical procedure is the same for other virtual organizations. Additionally, user has to substantiate their request with documents of membership of project or activity in discipline in question. This procedure varies by virtual organizations and is usually described by organization's web pages.

Specific existing virtual organization can be found on EGI Central Operation Portal or via required service on EOSC Marketplace.